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What Is A Habitat?

PondIt consists of a combination of environmental factors that provide food, water, shelter and space for species of plants, animals and insects to live, interact and survive.  We have included a quick summary of the different types of odonate habitat. Click on the links above to see some of them.

One of the most amazing things about aquatic insects is the diversity of habitats where they live.  There is no body of water that is too small, too large, too cold, too hot, too muddy or even polluted for some kind of aquatic insect to live there.  Since different species of odonates inhabit different habitats, visiting a variety of these places will help you find a variety of odonates.

GrasslandsDuring the maturation process, between the teneral and adult stages, odonates may wander away from their breeding habitats temporarily until their bodies are strong. Once mature, they again return to the habitat from once they came to mate, courtship and lay their eggs. But is a good idea to check fields, meadows, hilltops around these such areas.

Local names for various habitats may differ from one geographic location to another.  For this reason in some instances we may refer to one habitat by several different names.

If you have the location and resources, you might want to consider creating your own pond to enjoy the odes which might appear in your yard.

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