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Special Thanks To...

All my friends that helped and supported me in the development of this web site. Greg Lasley, Kathy Biggs, John Abbott, Cliff Bernzweig and Tony Galucci loaned photos that have improved the site. Greg and Tony took the time to escort me around the Texas Hill country, giving me an appreciation for other habitats.

I would like to thank David and Jan Dauphin, Jim Johnson, Tom Murray, Jeffrey Pippen, Don Peterson, and Dr. M. Hayes who generously donated photographs of those "hard to find species".

James Bangma, a friend, professional photographer, author, and my dragonfly watching companion.  His enthusiasm for the natural world of odonates inspired me to create this site.

Ann Johnson, friend, author for her expertise in website development, editing, and knowledge of computer software. Her constant instructional supervision fostered this site into completion.

Allen Barlow, Aquatic Biologist, Photographer, Author
I offer my sincere thanks to Allen for educating me on environmental issues.
Your relentless enthusiasm and dedication to conservation has not gone unnoticed.

Dennis Paulson, Biologist, Photographer, Author
Without Dennis's expertise in identifying odonates of Costa Rica this web's "Odes of Costa Rica Photo Gallery"  would not have been possible.  Dennis and I share our fondness for the people, culture, and beauty of Costa Rica and only hope to identify more of it's odonate populations.

Martha Reinhardt, for allowing me to photograph her collection of odonate exuviae.  I met Martha on a recent DSA Meeting and learned quite a bit from her on the identification of odonate exuviae.

Amelia Shoemaker, Artist, Illustrator, without Amelia's skills this website's section on Dragonfly and Damselfly Larvae would not exist. 

Without the encouragement and support of my husband Hector Chacon and daughter Natasha Chacon, this website would not have been possible.

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