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Survey Your Local Area

We still know little about the life of dragonflies and damselflies, including basic aspects as the causes of their population flucuations, their migration, mating, oviposition, their larvae, and geographical range of species.

You can help to increase the knowledge of these insects.  One way of doing this is to participate in a survey. Surveys are not only conducted by professionals but also by interested citizen volunteers.

Surveys can be large scale, such as surveying a entire state or county, or small scale such as surveying your own backyard or specific habitat like a nearby marsh.  Keep details of dates, species seen, numbers, and any interesting behavior.  Your observations might make an interesting article or note for Argia and new county records with a specimen or identifiable photograph can be entered on-line at Odonata Central.

If you think you might be interested in participating in a larger survey, contact the Dragonfly Society of the Americas for upcoming survey activities scheduled in your area.

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