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These organizations are dedicated to the study of dragonflies and damselflies.  Both the entomologist and hobbyist alike are welcome.  Most have a monthly or yearly publications.  You may click on the name of the organization for more information.

National and International Organizations

Dragonfly Society of the Americas (DSA)
The D.S.A. was created in 1988 in order to encourage habitat preservation, odonata research, and appreciation of the odonata.  The D.S.A. has national and regional meetings, as well as field trips.  For a membership application, see the website.

International Odonata Research Institute
 This organization was founded in 1986 to maintain an extensive collection of odonata specimens for current and future researchers. The institute maintains the Odonata Information Network, a plethora of information on dragonflies and damselflies including a list of various species, how to collect and maintain specimens, and links to other organizations and societies. The IORI also has books and supplies for sale.

International Odonatological Foundation
 Worldwide organization devoted to the scientific study of the odonata.

International Dragonfly Fund
Formed in 1996, the IDF's goal is to improve and continue the odonatological sciences, as well as protect dragonflies and damselflies.

British Dragonfly Society (BDS)
The BDS supports the conservation and research of odonata and their natural habitats.  The organization offers field surveys for reference purposes.  They also offer training in dragonfly identification and collection and pond clean up.  Guest speakers are also available.  Membership information available on the website.

Nature Conservancy
A leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

World Wide Dragonfly Association (WDA)
The World Dragonfly Association  is an organization that strives to raise the general awareness of odonates and their natural habitats, and has it's members from all over the world.

State/Provincial Organizations

The Ohio Odonata Society
The Ohio Odonata Society's primary goal is to increase the awareness of and appreciation for odonata in Ohio.  Their website contains information on how to collect odonata, statewide species guides, and an impressive record of all odonata collected and researched by the society.  It only costs $5 to join the society, and members receive the newsletter, The Dragonflier.

Michigan Odonata Survey
A volunteer organization dedicated to documenting and collecting data on odonata in Michigan.

For Kids

Young Entomologist Society
This site offers young adults a combination of programs, publications, and other educational materials necessary to the study of anthropods. The society offers interaction between parents, naturalists and educators in facilitating an interest in the world of entomology.  Email:

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