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MaturingAt first the teneral is colorless and damp looking. It generally rests for a period while the wings and body dry. It may begin to gain some color but generally is a pale tan or gray. After a few hours, the skin on the teneral's abdomen dries and hardens and the odonate is now a Juvenile. It glistens in the sun.

It takes a few days to a few weeks for the body and wings to harden completely and develop their true colors.  During this time dragonflies and damselflies usually move away from water to find safe places for food and shelter. Since they often move uphill, groups of maturing odes far from water are often said to be "hilltopping." 

The teneral's first flight is generally short and it does not appear strong or coordinated because the flight muscles are still very weak.  The odonate at this stage is very delicate. Because of their fragility, most collectors don't try to capture or touch them at this time.

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