How to Start a Fence Company


In the video below, the host addresses individuals interested in pursuing a career as a fence contractor. The focus is on guiding newcomers through essential steps to set themselves up for success and avoid common pitfalls. The host emphasizes the importance of choosing a business name carefully, consulting a business lawyer for the legal organization, finding an insurance broker for coverage, securing an accountant or bookkeeper with industry-specific knowledge, and considering a physical location for the business.

Video Source

He begins by highlighting the significance of selecting a business name that accurately reflects the company’s identity. The advice includes checking with the secretary of state to ensure the name’s availability. The next step is to consult a business lawyer to organize the company effectively and handle name registration. Additionally, the reporter stresses the importance of obtaining insurance coverage, either through an independent broker or an in-house agent, to protect the business against liabilities.

The third step advised is finding an accountant or bookkeeper with industry-specific knowledge to manage financial aspects. The emphasis is on hiring a certified public accountant familiar with the fence-building industry. Lastly, the importance of having a physical location for the business is discussed. As a bonus tip, the host encourages owners to save money by setting aside 12 months’ worth of finances before starting their fencing business.

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