How to Start a Video Production Company


Videography is increasing in demand year after year. As shown in the video, a significant percentage of consumers prefer video content to other types. So, there’s no better time to start a video production company. Here’s how to get started:

1. Identify Your Niche

Video content comes in different categories and each has its share of viewers. So, decide which genres and styles you’re well versed in.

Video Source

This will help identify your clientele. After doing well with one niche, you can go ahead to add related content to increase viewership and expand your customer base.

2. Build a Portfolio

Through a portfolio, you can showcase samples of your work. So, make the best shots as you integrate your editorial skills to make the video impressive. Then make the video easily accessible to clients on video platforms and social media. Create a variety of videos showing different skills to demonstrate versatility.

3. Company Registration

You can register your video production company as either a sole trader or a limited company. A sole trade company is cheaper and manageable for start-ups, while a limited company will work if you’re starting big and already have a grip on the market.

4. Legal Modalities

This is where you seek licensing, contracts and release forms and copyright and intellectual property. Your drone operations need licensing from the concerned agencies. If you involve persons under the age of 16, you’d also need a child performance license.


After stepping on the right foot with the legal requirements, the next steps like setting up your filming space and getting high-quality equipment will be easy. Join a video community near you to keep spicing your content.


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