Keeping Your Delivery Vehicles Safe: What Should You Do?


For any business that has a large fleet of delivery vehicles, your vehicles are the most valuable assets you have. These trucks and vans deliver daily shipments and ensure that customers get their deliveries on time. Without them, the business would suffer.

If they’re out on the road, they must be safe from accidents or damage to equipment. Here are some ways to keep your delivery vehicles protected:

truck driving in the evening

1. Use Car Monitors

Car monitors give you real-time notifications when there is activity near your vehicle and can track its location, so you’ll know where it was last seen. This tool ensures that if your van gets into an accident, you’ll immediately know about it — and will be able to contact authorities for assistance.

Car monitors also help protect your vehicles from theft. You can find out if any vehicle has been moved without authorization and track its location so that you can retrieve it quickly. The device will even let you know if the doors are open, which is an excellent way to see if someone is tampering with your van.

2. Install Closed-circuit Cameras

When you have a fleet of delivery vehicles, it can be challenging to know what drivers are doing at any given moment. If your van is parked illegally or there’s an accident on the road, you’ll want to know about it. Closed-circuit cameras are another great way to monitor your vehicles.

3. Invest in a GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking systems offer reports on your vehicle’s activity and give you a general idea of where it was last seen. These systems make it easy to pinpoint your van’s location if you need to find it. You can also receive reports on speed, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration so that you can stay informed about your vehicle’s daily activity.

If you have fleet insurance, this system will provide invaluable support to the agents working on your claim after an incident occurs.

4. Insure Your Fleet

When you have a fleet of commercial trucks and vans, it’s important to insure them properly. If you need help with the claims process, make sure your insurance policy includes a service contract. This can also ensure that any repairs are done promptly.

Insurance should cover the full value of your vehicles so that if one does get into an accident or is stolen, you’ll be able to replace it without going broke. If you don’t have a business policy, talk to your insurance agent about one.

5. Keep Track of Maintenance Records

If your drivers are responsible for taking care of their vehicles, you must keep their maintenance records. If they neglect to do things like checking the tire pressure or putting in enough oil, you could be liable for any damage to your vehicle. Keeping track of these records will ensure that your drivers properly maintain your fleet.

6. Make Sure Drivers Are Equipped with Safety Gear

Safety gear is one way to protect your employees from serious injuries if something does go wrong while they’re on the road. Ensuring your drivers have the proper safety gear can help you stay covered from all angles.

This includes seat belts and airbags, which will keep them secure while also protecting against injuries.

7. Teach Your Drivers How to Handle Emergencies

In case of emergency, your drivers should know how to handle the situation with safety in mind. If authorities stop them, they must follow instructions and cooperate with the police to avoid further trouble.

Ensure that they have training on what to do if they get into an accident, for example. It’s also wise to teach them how best to maintain their vehicles to remain safe from damage or malfunctioning equipment.

8. Consider a Lawyer for Truck Accidents

If accidents do happen and your truck is found at fault, it may be helpful to contact a truck accident lawyer. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you prove your case in a court of law. With proper legal assistance, you can build a strong defense for your business.

9. Be Prepared for Any Situation

It’s impossible to plan for every possible situation, but it’s wise to be prepared for any emergency. Ensure that you have all the necessary tools and resources available to ensure your business stays afloat even if disaster strikes.

Keeping your vehicles safe on the road is crucial for any delivery business. Here are nine ways to keep them protected from theft or damage. Using the tips above, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your commercial vans are safe.

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