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Odes For Beginners

This is the site for all who are interested in learning about dragonflies and damselflies. Beginners can put names to these beautiful creatures while learning many other interesting facts. Young and old alike can take part in this interesting hobby. It requires very little effort and no special equipment. We've assembled a lot of information here to get you started.

ode - ōd

Colloquial term short for odonate, an insect of the order Odonata; commonly used by enthusiasts to refer to a damselfly or a dragonfly.
odes for beginners - ōdz fōr bĕ gĭn' ŭrz
A fun and informative website chock full of photos, facts and resources for beginning (and even intermediate) dragonfly and damselfly watchers.

Let's Get Started...

Wondering where and when to look for Odonates, what equipment you might want and other questions? Click here

Want to learn to identify odonates, from telling whether its a dragon or a damsel to learning the differences between the families?       Click here

You can learn about the different habitats where odes are found or the  conservation issues facing them.

Learn the biology of these fascinating critters, their life cycle, their body parts and their behavior.

Check out resources, including field guides, organizations, other websites and more. Click here

Or just browse through our Photo Gallery or read through our Frequently Asked Questions

In Loving Memory...

Sheryl Chacon
Sheryl Chacon, founder of Odes for Beginners

Welcome to our Dragonfly World! Prepare to learn and have fun!

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